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News / 20.12.2019

IAA Global – Rückblick und Ausblick

2019 war nicht nur für das IAA Austrian Chapter ein sehr erfolg- und ereignisreiches, auch IAA Global hat – unter Beteiligung der Landeschapter – Großartiges geleistet:

  • IAA held the 44th IAA World Congress in Kochi, India – the 1st World Congress to kick off the new positioning of the „Global Communication Compass“
  • IAA held the 3rd edition of the growing conference Africa Rising in Accra, Ghana
  • IAA launched the 1st PRIVACY ROUND TABLE in Cannes to show the IAA global commitment to creating a more trusted digital marketing ecosystem for both: consumers and brands
  • IAA launched two regulatory events in Accra and KL to establish IAA as a platform to educate local governments/regulatory bodies on trends impacting Brand Protection
  • IAA held the most successful to date, 4th Edition of Creativity4Better conference in Bucharest, Romania
  • IAA held the 1st Young Professional IAA/Google training in New York
  • IAA held the 1st LinkedIn, Google and Facebook training for our Board Members in NYC
  • IAA launched 2nd phase of our Global Website with E-commerce to enable members sign up/content subscription
  • IAA has  signed up 3 Global Compass Members (2 more will join 2020)
  • IAA started a global CRM project to interconnect our members
  • IAA  grew the community engagement significantly across all of our social media
  • IAA Global moved to a NEW OFFICE!

2020 startet nicht minder aktiv:

  • IAA will be in Dubai during March 2020, to take part in Lynx Dubai and hopefully be on the main stage, sharing the IAA vision of the future of communication
  • IAA has a IAA Digital Advertising Conference scheduled in March-April in Shenzhen – the Silicon Valley of China
  • IAA looks forward to an amazing 45th World Congress in St. Petersburg, in May
  • IAA is planing a major IAA Summit in New Delhi, India on the subject of „Nations as Brands“
  • And to round up the year IAA will have two events in October, Africa Rising in Ghana and Creativity4Better in Bucharest