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Events / 12.05.2020

Webinar: The Global Legal Challenges of Plain Packaging

In Zusammenarbeit mit der IAA Global bietet die Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA) ein Webinar zum Thema:
„The Global Legal Challenges of Plain Packaging“ an:
It’s been several years since plain packing legislation was introduced with respect to tobacco products, now it has expanded to include HFSS foods in some countries as well. What is the global status of plain packaging at the moment? Which countries have adopted such legislation and what seems to be the direction for the future in different parts of the world? In this webinar, members of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA) will discuss the growing legislation in their markets. In addition, you will also hear from plain packaging expert and IAA Global Compass Member, Nick Harris, Corporate Affairs Director at JTI who will address the current status, as well as challenges and expected trends, in plain packaging legislation across the globe.


Ariela Agosin, Albagli Zalasnik (Chile)

Michel Béjot, Bernard-Hertz-Béjot (France)

Nicholas Harris, Corporate Affairs Directors, JTI

 Peter Marcis & Dusan Nitschneider, Nitschneider & Partners (Slovakia)

Adriana Rollo, Veirano Advogados (Brazil)